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Working Out at Home? No Problem! - 5 Unexpected Household Items To Use for a Great Home Workout

In just a few short weeks, we have unceremoniously become restricted to the confines of our homes and businesses have had to shut their doors due to coronavirus. While we all try to navigate this unknown terrain in front of us, we must try and maintain a semblance of normalcy in our day-to-day life. 

For those that are avid Evolve-attenders, this shelter-in-place may make you feel like your nerves are on edge from withdrawal, your muscles are atrophying, and you’re desperate for an endorphin fix. Even though we’ve had to stop going out and gathering with our friends/family, it doesn’t mean we have to neglect our gains. We can improvise and use everyday household objects around us! Below are a few items that can help create an effective workout and turn those four walls into your very own home training center!


You technically don’t need dumbbells, kettlebells or barbells to lift weights. There are a plethora of things that are heavy enough for a good sweat, and backpacks can be filled with such items e.g., canned goods, books, and water bottles. Wear the backpack when performing cardio exercises or for adding to your body weight when doing squats, lunges, etc. 

Towels or Paper plates

Put either item under your hands, feet, or both and perform mountain climbers, single-leg knee tucks, sliding planks, sliding push-ups, pikes, and many more. Note: these items need a smooth floor to be successful. If your exercise calls for something a bit more studier, try a Tupperware or Pyrex lid! 


Instead of lounging on your couch all day during self-isolation, why not use that comfy piece of furniture to do some couch squats, tricep dips, decline push-ups, glute bridges, and bicycle legs. Implementing these exercises will bring a new meaning to ‘couch potato.’ The difference between this and the training at Evolve is you get to marathon your favorite shows at the same time!

Wine Bottles/Soda Bottles

While social distancing and #quarantinelife might have you running to open a bottle of pinot or indulging in that Dr. Pepper, wait! Before you empty those contents, let’s use those to substitute as hand weights and curl our worries and anxiety away! Sidenote: be careful not to drop them or take a sip between sets!


Are you distance-learning or possibly working from home? There are other uses for those heavy textbooks or manuals! In addition to sharpening your brain, they can also take your core to the next level. You can add a book to your chest for an extra level of tension while doing crunches, place a book on your shins for some extended leg raises, or perform some toe crunches with a book in hand for extra difficulty. Working out with your books can bring a whole new definition to “knowledge is power!” 

We know there’s nothing like coming to Evolve to workout with your friends and family, but in the meantime, please join us for virtual classes via Zoom Monday - Saturday to learn moves you can do at home! Grab the schedule and links for class here: EVOLVE-20 Online Schedule & Links

Until we see each other again - We hope that all of you are staying safe, staying home, and staying healthy!