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The WBC Amazing Muay Thai Festival world tournament occurred from February 2-5 at the renowned Lumpinee Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand. This was a historic moment, marking the first time the world’s top amateurs were invited to fight inside the stadium’s storied ring.

Coaches Aaron Nievera, Romer Abad, and Mark Tabuso led Evolve, with two of their own representing the United States of America - Tre Abad and Cody Huey.

The tournament was stacked with over 600 competitors from over 60 countries, featuring the best from their respective nations. After four days of high-level competition, Tre won a silver medal and Cody showed they both belong on the international stage, despite a decision loss. Coach Mark said, “We always prepare and come to win. Sometimes we don’t win, but we always compete with heart, will, determination, and respect.”

Before heading to Thailand, Coach Romer recalled when Tre, now 17, was just 8 years old in their kids’ class. The goal was not to compete at this level. A simple routine of a snack, homework, and then the academy after school led to his success and his third trip at the international level. Tre balanced his martial arts training with traditional childhood and high school activities, participating in basketball and track teams.

Cody started his journey as an adult. He only took on high-level challenges and never handpicked an adversary. His stellar performances led to him being selected for the USA team.

Tre, with his smooth and technical Muay Femur style, and Cody, with his relentless Muay Khao (knee fighter) style, both commanded respect and entertained the Muay Thai world. They inspired many and will continue to inspire both the adults and children on our team to pursue their dreams, whatever they may be.

Congratulations to Tre Abad and Cody Huey. Welcome Home!