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The Solution to Your Resolution: Building a Blueprint for Success

As with any other year, many of us will kick off 2023 by making New Year’s resolutions to become fit and healthy. While less than 10% of us complete our New Year’s resolutions, you can be a part of the elite minority by setting achievable fitness goals and making the most of the resources that can be available to you. 

While most of our resolutions revolve around fitness and a healthy lifestyle, the number one resolution this year is to complete your New Year’s resolution. Keeping this commitment for eight weeks or so is a challenge in itself. 

Setting fitness goals can be a daunting task regardless of your fitness level. With so many options and goals, you’ll need to find methods to help you stay on track. One of the best ways to do this is by applying the SMART goal planning method. 

SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-based. Let’s break this down:

Specific: Be clear and narrow in your goals. (I want to lose 15 lbs instead of I want to lose weight).

Measurable: Goals should be quantifiable and trackable in ways to show progress. Using weight loss as an example, record a 1-2 pound weight loss each week. 

Attainable: Setting smaller realistic goals to prevent you from being discouraged. Be honest with yourself about where you are fitness-wise as well as your other commitments and schedule, not to set too rigid or high of a goal for yourself (A good starter goal is to work out/attend classes 2-3 times a week).

Relevant: This is where you look at the impact this goal will have on your life and, in a sense, become the “Why” of your goal setting. (I want to lose this weight so I can fit into that suit/dress I bought a year ago).

Time-Bound: Setting a time limit or deadline for your goals will help keep you focused and prevent any feeling of aimlessly wandering through your plan. This portion should be both realistic and challenging. (I want to lose 15 lbs in two months).


Here are a few other examples of goals to shoot for:


Try new fitness classes: If you’ve been a gym rat your whole life, maybe give Boxing for fitness a shot. It’s a practical, fun, and fantastic way to get a new workout. You will get great cardio and muscular endurance and the benefit of being in a friendly class setting so you can have some fun and laughs with your workout. Become a part of a community with the true accountability and encouragement we all want to receive.

Train for an Event: Whether it be a Spartan Race/Tough Mudder event, a 5K, or a full marathon, signing up for these events aligns with many of the SMART goal-making points. Prepping for these events will require you to set smaller goals to attain the bigger ones.

Try a Martial Art: Within all Martial Arts, there are levels and milestones to reach. Each requires you to set goals similarly, like advancing from white to blue belts or even preparing for the competition. You will need to develop training goals in alignment with the goals you wish to accomplish.


Need a vehicle and roadmap to success? 

If you are ready to meet your New Year’s Resolution goals, join the challenge today with Evolve Training Center.

Our Solution to Your Resolution Camp, starting January 30th, is unique because it uses the martial arts culture and philosophy to build good physical, mental and spiritual fitness. Boxing 4 Fitness, FitCamp, Muay Thai Kickboxing, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu are some of the major courses here at Evolve. Complement that with a well-educated approach to mobility, strength, conditioning, and recovery by our Coaches, and you have the tools to start and continue a healthy and active lifestyle.

Each participant will receive guided courses, a guide packet with various exercises and training logs to track activity, and bonus courses along the way.

How can you join?

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We look forward to seeing you on the mats and supporting you in your goals for the New Year!