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On 5/29, at Evolve, we held a vibrant mixer to celebrate Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month, in collaboration with the South San Francisco Chamber of Commerce. The turnout was fantastic with a significant crowd, including council members from San Bruno and mayors from both South San Francisco and San Bruno.

The atmosphere was buzzing with excitement. We served up a tasty menu at the event, featuring Lollipop Chicken and Chow Mein from Sky Dragon, along with a variety of Filipino desserts for everyone to enjoy.

We also had a handful of vendors at the event! Custom Creations by Gee set up shop, and many attendees were seen purchasing their unique items. Notably, Hi-City’s masubi’s were a crowd favorite and sold out quickly! The event was not just about food and shopping, though. It was a cultural celebration with several performances that added a dash of color and vibrancy to the evening.

We arranged a couple of demonstrations for our guests to enjoy. We kicked things off with a captivating Muay Thai demonstration of the Ram Muay, a traditional fight dance, featuring our younger members. This dance has a rich history and is traditionally performed before a match to show respect to the opponents and the sport itself. Following this, we moved onto a self-defense demonstration led by Coach J and Coach Jane, which engaged the audience and emphasized the importance of awareness and preparedness.

Included in the agenda, we had several speeches that added depth to the celebration. The Mayor tied in his own background history with AAPI Heritage Month, presenting a poignant portrayal of the community’s diverse roots. Sailesh Mehra also took the stage and delivered an impactful speech. Finally, the co-owners, J and Mark, emphasized the vital role of community in achieving their goals. They expressed profound appreciation for the unwavering support they had received, acknowledging that such backing had been a cornerstone in their journey.

The event was enriched with performances that showcased a variety of cultures. Our first performance was by the Kababayan Dancers from Skyline College who performed a traditional Subli. As the dancers moved in rhythm, the Subli brought a sense of unity and cultural pride to the event. Our finale featured Malia, a Tahitian dancer who captivated everyone with her talent and grace. Her performance was a visual treat, embodying the spirit and beauty of Tahitian culture. After her performance, she kindly took the time to pose for photos with attendees, adding a personal touch to the evening’s events.

In conclusion, our AAPI Heritage Month Mixer was a grand celebration of culture, community, and connection. It was an evening to remember, and we’re grateful for everyone who contributed to its success.